How to Get Just the Right Wedding Present

Having recently got married, there came a time during preparations when we were asked for a list of required wedding gifts. Now, I know this is the done thing these days but to be honest, I wasn’t totally comfortable with the process. It didn’t feel right to be window shopping and putting together a list of items that we wanted other people to buy for us. There was also the dilemmas of cost. Should we ask for cheap stuff to not look greedy or should we ask for the pricier stuff to get something really nice or could we find middle of the road items?

As uncomfortable as the thought was, creating a list for wedding gifts turned out to be a relatively easy and quite pleasurable experience. Instead of trawling all around different shops, we decided to do a list online and found many of our favourite places provided a wedding gift list service. This allows you to window shop your way through the website adding items as you go at the click of a button. You are then given a list reference number which you can pass to your intended guests and they can pick and choose what they want to buy.

When each shopper has purchased something from the list, the list is then automatically adjusted to show you who has bought what item – a great facility when it comes to writing thank you cards! Many online shops will also deliver the presents, wrapped, to the married couples address at a later, pre-arranged date. Now this isn’t just good for the couple getting married in that they get the wedding gifts they like as opposed to four toasters and a nylon eiderdown, it also makes like a great deal easier for the guests.

Nobody wants to turn up to a wedding empty handed and gifts are the norm. However, in this day and age when couples are getting married later in life, often co-habiting first, and a bottom drawer is unheard of, most people will have all the things they need to begin married life.

So, coming up with a good idea for a wedding present is difficult. You don’t want to look like a cheap skate and you don’t want to break the bank. You want to give something thoughtful and useful that won’t sit and gather dust for years on end in the loft. The dilemmas of the right wedding present are settled by the use of a wedding list.

For the couple making the list, we found it relatively easy to find a range of gifts that we liked that covered a whole range of price groups. This meant that groups of people were able to club together to purchase a larger or more expensive gift and single people were also able to find something appropriate within the right price range.

The whole business of making a list for wedding gifts turned out to be a good one. We got some wonderful gifts that were just what we wanted and the guests were able to purchase just the right thing in the right price range. This saved all the trawling round the shops and guessing at what we might like!

One of my favourite aspects of the experience (apart from opening all the presents!), was that we were able to complete the whole process on line from the comfort of our sofa. On line wedding gift lists are a great service. They simplify the whole process and make it easy for the couple as well as the guests.

Present In The Moment Equals Success In Your Business!

I had a realization in my business the other day that to be successful in your business you have to be present in the moment! Most of the time I am but on Tuesday I was not. I had this dark cloud over my head that cast a spell over me. I was living in the past for a moment like it was my future. I was entertaining those self- sabotaging thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward. I was stuck in moment that wasn’t the present moment, that wasn’t portraying the real me, the creative me that is passionate about helping my clients. So what are some things I do that keep me in the present moment.

One of the biggest things I do is internalize that this life I’m living is a journey or a process and that I am right where I’m suppose to be. So when it comes to my business, I have the same attitude. That keeps me out of the past and also it stops me thinking about things like where I’m supposed to be.

Another thing I do is I help others. This may sound weird because it’s also what I do in my business. But this is the important part of it because when I’m helping others in my business or in life I am present in the moment. I don’t think about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. I am totally there for the person I am with.

The coolest thing I do is just be. Realizing that I believe that all my decisions are made in the present. Any action I take is in the present. Also even the emotions I feel are in the present. So it really does nothing for my business if I’m living in the past or thinking about the future. Really the past is the old story. The future is what I’m journeying toward. The present is really where I can live in my sweet spot. The present is the daily stuff I do to enhance and grow my business. It’s where the clients I work with get what they need in the present! How cool is that!

I have a curious nature and I was wondering what prevents us from living in the present. I think it’s really wishing for things that will not happen over night. Or it’s worry about things that might happen. It’s okay to wish for things and dream of things as long as you are enjoying the moment you are in. “Worry,” on the other hand, is like a bad word because to worry about things that might happen in your business or worry about things that can fail will never help you to live in the present. Plus worrying about something that can happen puts you in a make- believe world because it hasn’t happened. I know this sounds crazy but really what has worry ever done for anybody.

I have a mentor that always says to live life, like you mean it! The only way you really do that is by being present in the moment! I would love to hear from you now! What keeps you present in the moment! How do you live life in the present moment like you mean it?

Parts Of A Motivational Presentation

There are a couple of parts to a motivational presentation given by motivational speakers. A part where they introduce themselves and size up their audience, a part where they take in queries and clear things up, and a part where they encourage and teach their audience about being more efficient in their lives. The speaker must incorporate these parts unto their presentation in order to have a successful discussion. Motivational speakers should additionally include some guidelines in order to build individual motivation for your audience members. Here are a couple of parts of a motivational presentation that should be noted.

1. Remember that you must first analyze your audience members and find out how you will motivate them as a whole. Motivational speakers deal with different kinds of crowds and audience each time they are hired to speak. So in order to properly motivate your listeners you must first get to know them and slowly ease your discussion towards focusing on a common ground that both you and your audience will agree upon and use it as a base of your discussion. Make sure that they too can absorb what you are instilling unto their minds and not just blurt away your presentation and hope that your audience understood your discussion.

2. Selling your presentation to your audience so that they will buy into your explanations is an important part of a motivational presentation. Motivational speakers are dubbed as salesmen for they are selling their presentation, discussion and motivation to their audience and they must properly pitch their discussion in order for their audience to buy it. So your audience will fully grasp your presentation they must see that as a speaker you are truly passionate and committed in your discussion, that they may see how sincere you are with your words, and how knowledgeable you are with your topic and sub topics.

3. It is crucial on how you first present yourself to your audience; they will at first observe how you dress, how you speak and how you get along with them. That is why first impressions with your audience should always be perfect in order for them to buy in to what you are discussing. Remember that you only make an impression once with your audience and you must know how to impress them. Start of by introducing yourself and what you are going to talk about, but before you start, get the attention of your audience by telling them a joke or a short story that would captivate their minds and make them shine their interest towards you and your discussion.

A motivational speaker must also incorporate their charm unto their presentation in order for their audience to fully grasp their discussion. A speakers charm can make an audience gain interest in the presentation a lot more for they are looking forward to the next part of the speaker’s discussion. Also tickle your audience curiosity by making encouraging them to try new things that they haven’t tried before in order to spark their adventurous side in their life.