Present In The Moment Equals Success In Your Business!

I had a realization in my business the other day that to be successful in your business you have to be present in the moment! Most of the time I am but on Tuesday I was not. I had this dark cloud over my head that cast a spell over me. I was living in the past for a moment like it was my future. I was entertaining those self- sabotaging thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward. I was stuck in moment that wasn’t the present moment, that wasn’t portraying the real me, the creative me that is passionate about helping my clients. So what are some things I do that keep me in the present moment.

One of the biggest things I do is internalize that this life I’m living is a journey or a process and that I am right where I’m suppose to be. So when it comes to my business, I have the same attitude. That keeps me out of the past and also it stops me thinking about things like where I’m supposed to be.

Another thing I do is I help others. This may sound weird because it’s also what I do in my business. But this is the important part of it because when I’m helping others in my business or in life I am present in the moment. I don’t think about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. I am totally there for the person I am with.

The coolest thing I do is just be. Realizing that I believe that all my decisions are made in the present. Any action I take is in the present. Also even the emotions I feel are in the present. So it really does nothing for my business if I’m living in the past or thinking about the future. Really the past is the old story. The future is what I’m journeying toward. The present is really where I can live in my sweet spot. The present is the daily stuff I do to enhance and grow my business. It’s where the clients I work with get what they need in the present! How cool is that!

I have a curious nature and I was wondering what prevents us from living in the present. I think it’s really wishing for things that will not happen over night. Or it’s worry about things that might happen. It’s okay to wish for things and dream of things as long as you are enjoying the moment you are in. “Worry,” on the other hand, is like a bad word because to worry about things that might happen in your business or worry about things that can fail will never help you to live in the present. Plus worrying about something that can happen puts you in a make- believe world because it hasn’t happened. I know this sounds crazy but really what has worry ever done for anybody.

I have a mentor that always says to live life, like you mean it! The only way you really do that is by being present in the moment! I would love to hear from you now! What keeps you present in the moment! How do you live life in the present moment like you mean it?

What is cell-based seafood?

The process of making cell-based seafood begins by taking cells from a fish and putting them into a culture. The culture is then fed and monitored until the cells grow into muscle tissue. This muscle tissue is then harvested and made into products such as sushi, burgers, or nuggets.

Cell-based seafood has many benefits over traditional seafood. One benefit is that it does not require fishing which can be harmful to the environment. Another benefit is that cell-based seafood can be produced in a controlled environment, which means that there is less chance for contamination.

However, fresh tuna suppliers say that there are some drawbacks to cell-based seafood as well. One drawback is that the process is still new and expensive, which means this type of seafood will go at much higher prices. Another drawback is that some people are concerned about the health and safety of cell-based seafood.

Countries that are currently experimenting with cell-based seafood include:

The United States

Despite these drawbacks, cell-based seafood is a promising new technology that has the potential to change the way we eat seafood. It is hoped that more people will start to embrace this new technology so that we can all enjoy its benefits. Cell-based seafood has the potential to be a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional seafood. Only time will tell if it will become popular with consumers. For now, cell-based seafood is an exciting new development in the food industry.

The Presentation is Important to Making an Annuity Sale – But, it Must Be Simple

I am often asked how I present the information to set up the close. I have one rule that I have used for years, this rule has allowed me to stay focused and to keep my prospect focused.

KISS….Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Early in my career I was taught this concept and it has been the backbone of my selling approach. Simple sells and complicated doesn’t. My presentation is simple and it normally takes me less than 20 minutes to prepare.


Because all I do is in a one page presentation repeat back to my prospect in writing what they told me about how they feel during the Fact Finder. I then use any third party information as supporting documents which outsources reference material away from me personally. Sources could include Morningstar Principia Pro, MSN Money, Moody’s and many others. I allow these sources to assume responsibility for content.

Here is an example of a typical presentation piece. I marked in red where I used outsource information.

Summary of Estate Plan


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones

Thank you for the opportunity to work on your plan. I have looked at your personal situation, enclosed current reports and made suggestions I think may benefit your goals.

Your current retirement monthly income from social security and Boeing pensions is $3,400. You are currently removing $600 from your IRAs.

Your current income of $4,000 is the needed and desired goal.

You have a LTC policy with Bankers Unlimited Assurance Company with premiums of $230 a month. I have enclosed current ratings for you from AM Best and Company. (A. M.Best ratings from the internet)

Your IRAs are invested in the Delaware Family of Mutual Funds (now owned by Lincoln Financial Group). I have enclosed current reports for you. (Morningstar reports from Principia Pro)

Since your IRA accounts are important to you for retirement security, I suggest you transfer them to a guarantee Equity Linked Indexed Annuity.

I have enclosed the benefits you can enjoy with this change. It can be accomplished without any tax liability.