Marketing Alternative Health Therapies – The Benefit of Presentation Speaking Skills

In marketing alternative health therapies, presentation speaking skills are extremely important if you are using audio-visual means of marketing, running a teleconference or even addressing a live audience. Learning the speaking skills that will hold your audience is an important part of internet marketing if you intend to include these techniques as part of your promotional strategy. Nobody will stay with a presentation if you are stumbling over words or are unable to emphasis the right points at the correct times.

Here are some ways in which you improve your presentation speaking skills when marketing alternative health therapies even if you are among those proverbially ‘unaccustomed to public speaking’.

1. Know Your Material

You should make yourself completely familiar with what you are about to say. Never start off believing that you know your subject so well that you can ‘wing it’. Think of wedding speeches you have heard, and of those that impressed you and those that didn’t.

How about those where the best man read his speech out from endless sheets of paper, his face more often looking down than at his audience. Did that impress you? No, of course it didn’t, so that is lesson 1. Use notes with banner points or headings by all means, but do not read your presentation from the written material. You will quickly lose their interest, and when that happens you are beat.

So learn your presentation beforehand. Practice it time and again until you can present it with the aid of only one sheet of paper containing headings upon which you can expand from what you have learned. No ‘winging it’ from the headings, but expanding on the facts that you have memorized. Once your audience starts murmuring, then you have lost it.

There is a large variety of alternative health therapies available to the public, and their presentation can generate a great deal of interest if you learn how to do it in an interesting and compelling fashion.

2. Know your Audience

You should not only know your material, but also your audience. You should understand what they know already so you don’t bore them with basic material. If possible get to know the individuals, but if that is not possible you could include a small alternative health questionnaire or survey prior to the presentation: in fact along with the order form or registration form.

Ask a few questions about their previous experience and knowledge of energy work, life coaching, astrology or spiritual counseling, and then you will know where to pitch your presentation.

Many professional telemarketers carry out a brief survey of their audience before starting by asking a selected few to say who they are what they do, and judge their audience from the reaction to what these people say. They can then pitch their presentation from that, but they are professionals and you are not expected to be able to do that. Or perhaps you can, because you, too, are a professional in what you do.

However, the main point here is that the better you know your audience then the better you will be able to target your speaking skills to them. You won’t bore them with what they already know, and equally will not be way over their heads which will be equally self-defeating.

3. Present Examples

Present some examples or tell some stories about how others have benefited from your method of healing. Get them to relate their own experience if possible, but give your audience something concrete with which to relate. People react better to real life examples than to promises or claims, so use these where possible. That is one of the fundamental rules of presentation speaking skills, and if you can persuade somebody who has benefited from alternative health therapies to relate their experience, then you could have a winning presentation.

4. Keep it Lighthearted

Try not to appear too pompous or serious when making your presentation: alternative health therapies are more easily sold to the public if they do not make outlandish claims, and if they are presented in a lighthearted fashion. Try to introduce humor along with your examples, such as the guy who spent more money on nicotine patches than on cigarettes till he stopped smoking after two sessions with a hypnotherapist: better if you can name him (with his permission) or even introduce him to your audience.

Good presentation speaking skills will enable you to make a point without seeming fixated on it, and to present alternative energy healing, for example, as a viable alternative health therapy without getting too technical. People don’t like to be blinded by science and will accept energy heeling if presented in simple language.

One of the secrets to marketing alternative health therapies is to hone your presentation speaking skills to the point that your audience not only believe what you say, but are swayed by your common-sense arguments and light-hearted informal way of speaking without always reading from your notes: then they will believe you know your subject and that they can trust their health to your hands.

Then you will have achieved your objective and can start working on your next presentation of alternative health therapies in which you are involved.