Presentation Photos For Residential and Multifamily Real Estate Projects

Too often we don’t spend enough time creating the quality project presentation we should for our projects. One big factor in this is failing to humanize the presentation with photos of the subject matter. For residential and multifamily real estate investment projects and proposals this is in my opinion especially important.

Investors need to comprehend and accept the quality of the investment. Accomplishing this objective is the sum of several factors, but one is the visceral recognition of the reality of the project, the value of the project, the future of the project, and the reasonable expectation of the principal for the investment. Great photos are a big step toward accomplishing this end. Great photos is more than simply picking a few likely buildings and taking photos.

The first consideration is lighting. You want to present a sunny well lit perspective of the scene you are shooting. You don’t want the picture to appear to bright or to show glare. Probably a good morning light or late after noon angle is the best.

Second, you want to offer perspective that is pleasant. Good views of the entry way or photos of the entire building that offer a good view without trying to take in too much. Also, close up photos of particularly attractive items are good as well. Additionally, if you focus on a particular type of construction you want the reader or viewer to capture that idea very clearly as they look at the photos.

Third, your photos should relate to your message. Some photos may be of the surrounding neighborhood for example or of vehicles in the parking lot because this tells the story about the community. Portrayed correctly surrounding area photos build confidence and help create the larger story in the investors mind.

Now that you have the photos, many principals will simply throw up the photos throughout their documents and material with little or no description. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead insert the photos into Powerpoint or some other tool. Resize them consistently. Place descriptive labels in an easy to read attractive conservative font with each photo.

Personally, I like to include the photos as a labeled album in my business plans and then to intersperse key photos in business plans, investor presentations, and other documents to further support the story. Also, the photos may turn out to be a great start on your company website or project website. Investors are really only limited by their imagination regarding the broader range of uses they can find for their photos.

Is Your Resume Presentable?

Presentation is your first impression. Much like when you meet someone for the first time and you know that they’re forming their first impression of you. Of course we always hope it will be a positive one and it is the same principle with your resume. The presentation of the document is the reader’s first impression. You can either delight them and encourage them to learn more or you can turn them off and make them run in the opposite direction.

After completing approximately 400 resume evaluations over the past 10 days I noticed a very tragic pattern. Executives were using resume layouts and formats that were elementary for their level of expertise and experience and entry-level and professional job seekers were using resume formats from over ten years ago that use objectives and two inch margins. Shocking I know!

How is it that out of 400 job seekers only two people had somewhat decent resume formats and presentation strategies? Lack of education and information is my diagnosis. Here is the remedy folks: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I am going to provide you a quick checklist to compare your resume to and see if it would hold up to the standards of today’s job market.

1) Resumes longer than 2 pages for professionals or 3 pages for Executives will not work. How much information do you really think a recruiter can read in that initial seven second review? Certainly not three pages worth of information.

2) The first third of your resume is the most important. If you are not utilizing an introduction/profile that contains a professional branding statement, industry specific keywords, and a career summary that highlights your value proposition you will get lost in the stack of every other boring resume recruiters receive.

3) Do not use more than one font on your resume. Use the same font for the entire document. Using different fonts screams **MISTAKE**. And also that you pay absolutely no attention to the details.

4) Do not use different font sizes on your resume in another place other than your header. Using a size 12 font and size 11 font in your professional experience section will be a red flag.

5) Please, please, please do not utilize 1 inch margins. That is like waving a flag that says hello, I’m writing a college term paper versus applying for a professional position within your organization.

6) Do not use more than one type of bullet. Using different bullets throughout the resume especially in the same section (namely professional experience) just seems disorganized and tacky. Streamline your approach, be consistent not confusing.

7) Watch your page length and spacing. Again, 1.5 spacing or double spacing seems juvenile. We are not in high school we are in the corporate world and a VERY competitive job market. There are no excuses, now you know.

8) Attractive formatting is everything when you are trying to land the job of your dreams or just any job for that matter. Do your research! Don’t just go to the sample resume sites out there check out professional resume writing samples from actual professional resume writing services. Compare your resume to the samples you see and then you will know right off how you measure up. If your work is significantly different then a professional’s work chances are you could probably use some help.

This is not an all inclusive presentation/format list and does not include advice about any issues other then resume formatting. This is just a checklist to see if you are on the right track or not. If you’re not, which in my experience seems to be most of us then get help! Either get out there and research what you’re doing wrong and find ways to make it right or hire someone who can. This isn’t just your resume people, it’s your career and your life.

Ideas for Original Mother’s Day Presents

Mother’s Day comes but once a year and it’s important to cherish it properly. Your Mother is someone who’s there for you no matter what, someone who makes sure her priority is you, and this day is the one time of the year where the tables are turned. It’s up to you to make her feel appreciated and thank her for all her hard work. Here are just some of the more original ideas for what to get her:


Perhaps a holiday is going above and beyond your means, but a day’s trip somewhere nice can do wonders. These gifts usually offer a variety of treatment options with listed locations. You are able to choose the best option available to you and there will be a time limit for the voucher to be utilised in. It’s a thoughtful idea where you and your loved one can spend some quality time together away from the hustle of everyday life. Other activities could range from shopping sprees to a delightful afternoon tea; the possibilities are endless and all it takes is a little research.

Anything Personalised

There is no greater way to express gratitude and love for your Mother than presenting her with a gift that you have taken the time to have personalised. This can be something that singles her out individually such as a name or perhaps a message which conveys your appreciation of everything she does. This is a great idea for items of jewellery too, something she can keep on her at all times, or perhaps an engraved ornament or piece of decoration such as a photo frame.

A Star

That’s right; buy your Mother a Star for Mother’s Day. It’s not as outlandish as it seems and you are genuinely able to purchase packs in which you are able to register and name an as-of-then-unnamed star whatever you wish. Immortalise your Mother’s name forever with this unique and original gift.


Jewellery may not seem like an original and creative idea but it sure beats a flimsy supermarket card and a bashed box of chocolates. There are many different types of jewellery not to mention a vast array of attractive jewellery boxes to house them in. In keeping with the theme of ‘being original,’ it’s important to ensure you choose wisely amongst the many glittering jewels and buy something that will fit in well with your Mother’s collection and will mean something significant to her; perhaps combining jewellery with something archaic and meaningful such as an engraved pendant with a picture of a loved one, or a pocket-watch.

Vintage Gifts

A pricey option, but one worth the expensive tag attached; the gift of something antique or classic is a lovely choice because it shows a great deal of thought and effort. From ceramic cases to antique picture frames, it’s important to ensure your chosen gift fits in with the decor at home; it adds elegance and a touch of class to the house. Vintage gifts are always a good choice!