Understanding the Cost of Offshore Development: A Quick 101

Before going offshore, it’s really important to understand the cost of offshore development. And, how teaming up with an excellent offshore vendor or offshore team builder can make things a much more simple and seamless process for working with a team abroad in sync with the one you have at home.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Offshore Development?
Well, first things first, having a clear idea of your project makes it easier for an offshore company to understand what should be delivered. This includes things like: the size of the project, the technical considerations to take into account, the time to market for your products and/or services, the skills and expertise needed of the extended team, as well as any additional costs to take into account.

The kinds of costs mentioned below are just estimates that differ when you hire full-time, world-class developers. The actual rate can be influenced by the need of specific or niche technologies, seniority and past experience of developers, past projects, and other factors. Ultimately, it depends on your goals — the bigger the talent pool, the more engineers and skill sets you have to choose from.

Which Locations Can Affect the Cost of Offshore Development?
Different locations provide your business with different benefits. For example, many companies offshore business processes like customer service to locations like the Philippines. But, since we’re discussing software — it’s prudent to look at the cost of offshore development in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

And, how that differs from hiring locally only — something that many tech leaders are realising is a restrictive option in times of talent shortages in major markets. In the Eastern Europe region, it will cost you around €22-€40 per hour, depending on the skill of a particular offshore developer. The rates in Asia range from €17.8 to €40, and the costs in Latin America are roughly around €26.7-€49. In Africa, you’re looking at somewhere around €18 to €43.5.

Hiring locally is something that not only has an impact on salary, but also premises prices, which can spiral in major metropolitan areas like London, New York, Paris, Toronto, and Sydney — to name a few. In Western Europe for example, the cost of offshore development can be over €200 per hour for very high-level engineers.

How the Right Offshore Partner Can Help to Balance Quality With Price
This is the main thing to consider. Finding the right partner probably is the best place to start. They’ll have expertise on the ground, which will prove crucial when it comes to acquiring and retaining the best engineers for your business for the long term — and save on additional costs of local legalities, office procurement, equipment, and more.

Additionally, if they have a proven model that combines all of those added extras with world-class recruitment, managed operations and administration, as well as cultural alignment between the offshore team and your team at home, then it’s simply the smarter way to do it.

What is cell-based seafood?

The process of making cell-based seafood begins by taking cells from a fish and putting them into a culture. The culture is then fed and monitored until the cells grow into muscle tissue. This muscle tissue is then harvested and made into products such as sushi, burgers, or nuggets.

Cell-based seafood has many benefits over traditional seafood. One benefit is that it does not require fishing which can be harmful to the environment. Another benefit is that cell-based seafood can be produced in a controlled environment, which means that there is less chance for contamination.

However, fresh tuna suppliers say that there are some drawbacks to cell-based seafood as well. One drawback is that the process is still new and expensive, which means this type of seafood will go at much higher prices. Another drawback is that some people are concerned about the health and safety of cell-based seafood.

Countries that are currently experimenting with cell-based seafood include:

The United States

Despite these drawbacks, cell-based seafood is a promising new technology that has the potential to change the way we eat seafood. It is hoped that more people will start to embrace this new technology so that we can all enjoy its benefits. Cell-based seafood has the potential to be a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional seafood. Only time will tell if it will become popular with consumers. For now, cell-based seafood is an exciting new development in the food industry.

All about seafood allergies

The most common symptoms of a seafood allergy are hives, swelling of the lips or tongue, and trouble breathing. In some cases, people can have anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening reaction. This is why any seafood export company will mention the details of their seafood on their packaging, especially if there are any mixed items.

There is no cure for seafood allergies, but there are ways to manage them. You may need to avoid all types of seafood altogether. Or if you are able to eat certain kinds of seafood only, you will need to make sure it is cooked properly so that any traces of allergens are eliminated. If you are travelling and aren’t sure if a dish contains seafood, ask the waiter before ordering, and it is best to always carry an epinephrine auto-injector with you in case of an emergency.

The best way to prevent a seafood allergy is, sadly, to avoid seafood altogether. If you have a seafood allergy, be sure to carry an epinephrine auto-injector with you in case of a severe reaction. You should also wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace that says you have a seafood allergy.

If you think you might have a seafood allergy, see your doctor for testing. They can do a skin prick test or a blood test to determine if you are allergic to seafood. If you are allergic to seafood, your doctor will work with you to create an emergency action plan in case of a severe reaction. With careful avoidance and proper treatment, people with seafood allergies can lead happy and healthy lives.

Rubric Writing – Using Presentation and Research

This is classified in academics as an accurate assessment tool that is used to measure the work of the students. Rubrics can be holistic or analytic and is a good scoring guide that is used to evaluate the performance of students in different criteria. It is also effective for solving every day problems whether in the classroom or the general public. This method can be traced back to many centuries ago when it was used by scribes working on their manuscripts.

Today, it is an integral part of the teaching and learning process and is works best with involvement of students and teachers. If the students are given presentation rubrics, the teachers should give clear guidelines before the assignment is given so the students will know of the criteria that will be judged. There are numerous content areas in which the rubrics generator can utilized such as science, mathematics, history, languages, writing, music, art, drama and many more.

This is much more than just a checklist with requirements or distributions points, it is a well designed program with clear standards of evaluating performances. The guidelines that are associated with the criteria are usually referring to special task which will describe the level or quality of work to be done with the rubric.

The standard that is used for evaluating the student’s work should be a shared task with the intention of assisting students with the end result in mind. When using rubric writing it should not be used for only performance and evaluation, but when the assigned task is completed; as a reflection and encouragement for the work that was produced.

When grading rubrics writing the marking process can become complicated for some students. They might understand the distinct marks that are given for assignments and they might think the level of work is higher in the areas that they receive lower grades. But this is not understandably as one of the advantages of grading using this method is that it clearly highlights the criteria that must be met to achieve the desired score.

A characteristic of rubric is that it is based on what is learned, it is a true reflection of a tool that is designed to stimulate experiences and real life activities. To put it in simpler terms, this is a scoring guide that makes a distinction between levels of improvement in specific behavior or performance. It is referred to by most persons as the alternative assessment method which differs in parts to the traditional ways. This is because you get a clear insight on how the work is being assessed as it examines the activities that are involved in the learning process.

The rubric generator should be reliable and consistent in scoring in regards to the judging and the time used for evaluating the language used. If the language has to be translated, the judges should be able to distinguish the features for each level of the presentation.

When creating different rubrics writing this can be done on a variety of levels with complexities, but they all contain some common features. These features include measuring behavior, performance or quality; the range that is used to rate the performance and the characteristics that are included in specific performance. These characteristics are in set in levels that would indicate the degree in which the specified standards were met.

Present Your Business Documents in Style With Pocket Folders

Folders are a universally recognized stationery item. They are common in offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, stores and other such places. Wherever there is a need to manage documents, any category of folders like pocket folders can be utilized. They offer a unique way of storing and managing documents. They have been quite successful in decreasing a mess of paperwork and other important business documents.

Many businesses make use of pocket folder printing services in order to have an extra tool in their marketing campaigns. As these folders are used extensively to present and manage documents, they are offer a great opportunity for marketing. They can be used to present product literature, training manuals, business reports, presentations. They can also hold certain other important business documents like a business card or a flyer. These folders are of particular use to students as they allow them manage their notes easily.

It is a good idea to get customized pocket folders in order to make them suitable to the particular business needs. Actually, any aspect of a folder can be personalized. From designs to content, and from paper quality to printing quality all things can be modified. This is very beneficial to large businesses as it allows them to utilize a nice way of soft marketing. It is also a good idea to use cheap pocket folder printing services so that the cost of their production is little while they present full advantages.

Using only the best techniques like full color CMYK printing process, the best results can be achieved in terms of deigns and printing quality. The process also gives an option to design personalized pocket folders. This option of particular use in case of large businesses as they can easily market their brand image and enhance their business identity through these personalized folders.

The Presentation is Important to Making an Annuity Sale – But, it Must Be Simple

I am often asked how I present the information to set up the close. I have one rule that I have used for years, this rule has allowed me to stay focused and to keep my prospect focused.

KISS….Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Early in my career I was taught this concept and it has been the backbone of my selling approach. Simple sells and complicated doesn’t. My presentation is simple and it normally takes me less than 20 minutes to prepare.


Because all I do is in a one page presentation repeat back to my prospect in writing what they told me about how they feel during the Fact Finder. I then use any third party information as supporting documents which outsources reference material away from me personally. Sources could include Morningstar Principia Pro, MSN Money, Moody’s and many others. I allow these sources to assume responsibility for content.

Here is an example of a typical presentation piece. I marked in red where I used outsource information.

Summary of Estate Plan


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones

Thank you for the opportunity to work on your plan. I have looked at your personal situation, enclosed current reports and made suggestions I think may benefit your goals.

Your current retirement monthly income from social security and Boeing pensions is $3,400. You are currently removing $600 from your IRAs.

Your current income of $4,000 is the needed and desired goal.

You have a LTC policy with Bankers Unlimited Assurance Company with premiums of $230 a month. I have enclosed current ratings for you from AM Best and Company. (A. M.Best ratings from the internet)

Your IRAs are invested in the Delaware Family of Mutual Funds (now owned by Lincoln Financial Group). I have enclosed current reports for you. (Morningstar reports from Principia Pro)

Since your IRA accounts are important to you for retirement security, I suggest you transfer them to a guarantee Equity Linked Indexed Annuity.

I have enclosed the benefits you can enjoy with this change. It can be accomplished without any tax liability.

Is Your Resume Presentable?

Presentation is your first impression. Much like when you meet someone for the first time and you know that they’re forming their first impression of you. Of course we always hope it will be a positive one and it is the same principle with your resume. The presentation of the document is the reader’s first impression. You can either delight them and encourage them to learn more or you can turn them off and make them run in the opposite direction.

After completing approximately 400 resume evaluations over the past 10 days I noticed a very tragic pattern. Executives were using resume layouts and formats that were elementary for their level of expertise and experience and entry-level and professional job seekers were using resume formats from over ten years ago that use objectives and two inch margins. Shocking I know!

How is it that out of 400 job seekers only two people had somewhat decent resume formats and presentation strategies? Lack of education and information is my diagnosis. Here is the remedy folks: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I am going to provide you a quick checklist to compare your resume to and see if it would hold up to the standards of today’s job market.

1) Resumes longer than 2 pages for professionals or 3 pages for Executives will not work. How much information do you really think a recruiter can read in that initial seven second review? Certainly not three pages worth of information.

2) The first third of your resume is the most important. If you are not utilizing an introduction/profile that contains a professional branding statement, industry specific keywords, and a career summary that highlights your value proposition you will get lost in the stack of every other boring resume recruiters receive.

3) Do not use more than one font on your resume. Use the same font for the entire document. Using different fonts screams **MISTAKE**. And also that you pay absolutely no attention to the details.

4) Do not use different font sizes on your resume in another place other than your header. Using a size 12 font and size 11 font in your professional experience section will be a red flag.

5) Please, please, please do not utilize 1 inch margins. That is like waving a flag that says hello, I’m writing a college term paper versus applying for a professional position within your organization.

6) Do not use more than one type of bullet. Using different bullets throughout the resume especially in the same section (namely professional experience) just seems disorganized and tacky. Streamline your approach, be consistent not confusing.

7) Watch your page length and spacing. Again, 1.5 spacing or double spacing seems juvenile. We are not in high school we are in the corporate world and a VERY competitive job market. There are no excuses, now you know.

8) Attractive formatting is everything when you are trying to land the job of your dreams or just any job for that matter. Do your research! Don’t just go to the sample resume sites out there check out professional resume writing samples from actual professional resume writing services. Compare your resume to the samples you see and then you will know right off how you measure up. If your work is significantly different then a professional’s work chances are you could probably use some help.

This is not an all inclusive presentation/format list and does not include advice about any issues other then resume formatting. This is just a checklist to see if you are on the right track or not. If you’re not, which in my experience seems to be most of us then get help! Either get out there and research what you’re doing wrong and find ways to make it right or hire someone who can. This isn’t just your resume people, it’s your career and your life.

How to Get Just the Right Wedding Present

Having recently got married, there came a time during preparations when we were asked for a list of required wedding gifts. Now, I know this is the done thing these days but to be honest, I wasn’t totally comfortable with the process. It didn’t feel right to be window shopping and putting together a list of items that we wanted other people to buy for us. There was also the dilemmas of cost. Should we ask for cheap stuff to not look greedy or should we ask for the pricier stuff to get something really nice or could we find middle of the road items?

As uncomfortable as the thought was, creating a list for wedding gifts turned out to be a relatively easy and quite pleasurable experience. Instead of trawling all around different shops, we decided to do a list online and found many of our favourite places provided a wedding gift list service. This allows you to window shop your way through the website adding items as you go at the click of a button. You are then given a list reference number which you can pass to your intended guests and they can pick and choose what they want to buy.

When each shopper has purchased something from the list, the list is then automatically adjusted to show you who has bought what item – a great facility when it comes to writing thank you cards! Many online shops will also deliver the presents, wrapped, to the married couples address at a later, pre-arranged date. Now this isn’t just good for the couple getting married in that they get the wedding gifts they like as opposed to four toasters and a nylon eiderdown, it also makes like a great deal easier for the guests.

Nobody wants to turn up to a wedding empty handed and gifts are the norm. However, in this day and age when couples are getting married later in life, often co-habiting first, and a bottom drawer is unheard of, most people will have all the things they need to begin married life.

So, coming up with a good idea for a wedding present is difficult. You don’t want to look like a cheap skate and you don’t want to break the bank. You want to give something thoughtful and useful that won’t sit and gather dust for years on end in the loft. The dilemmas of the right wedding present are settled by the use of a wedding list.

For the couple making the list, we found it relatively easy to find a range of gifts that we liked that covered a whole range of price groups. This meant that groups of people were able to club together to purchase a larger or more expensive gift and single people were also able to find something appropriate within the right price range.

The whole business of making a list for wedding gifts turned out to be a good one. We got some wonderful gifts that were just what we wanted and the guests were able to purchase just the right thing in the right price range. This saved all the trawling round the shops and guessing at what we might like!

One of my favourite aspects of the experience (apart from opening all the presents!), was that we were able to complete the whole process on line from the comfort of our sofa. On line wedding gift lists are a great service. They simplify the whole process and make it easy for the couple as well as the guests.

Parts Of A Motivational Presentation

There are a couple of parts to a motivational presentation given by motivational speakers. A part where they introduce themselves and size up their audience, a part where they take in queries and clear things up, and a part where they encourage and teach their audience about being more efficient in their lives. The speaker must incorporate these parts unto their presentation in order to have a successful discussion. Motivational speakers should additionally include some guidelines in order to build individual motivation for your audience members. Here are a couple of parts of a motivational presentation that should be noted.

1. Remember that you must first analyze your audience members and find out how you will motivate them as a whole. Motivational speakers deal with different kinds of crowds and audience each time they are hired to speak. So in order to properly motivate your listeners you must first get to know them and slowly ease your discussion towards focusing on a common ground that both you and your audience will agree upon and use it as a base of your discussion. Make sure that they too can absorb what you are instilling unto their minds and not just blurt away your presentation and hope that your audience understood your discussion.

2. Selling your presentation to your audience so that they will buy into your explanations is an important part of a motivational presentation. Motivational speakers are dubbed as salesmen for they are selling their presentation, discussion and motivation to their audience and they must properly pitch their discussion in order for their audience to buy it. So your audience will fully grasp your presentation they must see that as a speaker you are truly passionate and committed in your discussion, that they may see how sincere you are with your words, and how knowledgeable you are with your topic and sub topics.

3. It is crucial on how you first present yourself to your audience; they will at first observe how you dress, how you speak and how you get along with them. That is why first impressions with your audience should always be perfect in order for them to buy in to what you are discussing. Remember that you only make an impression once with your audience and you must know how to impress them. Start of by introducing yourself and what you are going to talk about, but before you start, get the attention of your audience by telling them a joke or a short story that would captivate their minds and make them shine their interest towards you and your discussion.

A motivational speaker must also incorporate their charm unto their presentation in order for their audience to fully grasp their discussion. A speakers charm can make an audience gain interest in the presentation a lot more for they are looking forward to the next part of the speaker’s discussion. Also tickle your audience curiosity by making encouraging them to try new things that they haven’t tried before in order to spark their adventurous side in their life.

Ideas for Original Mother’s Day Presents

Mother’s Day comes but once a year and it’s important to cherish it properly. Your Mother is someone who’s there for you no matter what, someone who makes sure her priority is you, and this day is the one time of the year where the tables are turned. It’s up to you to make her feel appreciated and thank her for all her hard work. Here are just some of the more original ideas for what to get her:


Perhaps a holiday is going above and beyond your means, but a day’s trip somewhere nice can do wonders. These gifts usually offer a variety of treatment options with listed locations. You are able to choose the best option available to you and there will be a time limit for the voucher to be utilised in. It’s a thoughtful idea where you and your loved one can spend some quality time together away from the hustle of everyday life. Other activities could range from shopping sprees to a delightful afternoon tea; the possibilities are endless and all it takes is a little research.

Anything Personalised

There is no greater way to express gratitude and love for your Mother than presenting her with a gift that you have taken the time to have personalised. This can be something that singles her out individually such as a name or perhaps a message which conveys your appreciation of everything she does. This is a great idea for items of jewellery too, something she can keep on her at all times, or perhaps an engraved ornament or piece of decoration such as a photo frame.

A Star

That’s right; buy your Mother a Star for Mother’s Day. It’s not as outlandish as it seems and you are genuinely able to purchase packs in which you are able to register and name an as-of-then-unnamed star whatever you wish. Immortalise your Mother’s name forever with this unique and original gift.


Jewellery may not seem like an original and creative idea but it sure beats a flimsy supermarket card and a bashed box of chocolates. There are many different types of jewellery not to mention a vast array of attractive jewellery boxes to house them in. In keeping with the theme of ‘being original,’ it’s important to ensure you choose wisely amongst the many glittering jewels and buy something that will fit in well with your Mother’s collection and will mean something significant to her; perhaps combining jewellery with something archaic and meaningful such as an engraved pendant with a picture of a loved one, or a pocket-watch.

Vintage Gifts

A pricey option, but one worth the expensive tag attached; the gift of something antique or classic is a lovely choice because it shows a great deal of thought and effort. From ceramic cases to antique picture frames, it’s important to ensure your chosen gift fits in with the decor at home; it adds elegance and a touch of class to the house. Vintage gifts are always a good choice!